Edward Higginbotham & Associates work on table restoration-

Edward Higginbotham & Associates work on table restoration

Orange City Council purchased the Wentworth Mine Site in July 2000. During the last thirteen years more than $700,00 has been spent on the staged restoration of the formerly dilapidated mining site including:

  • conservation of the buildings and the historic poppet head.
  • Securing the two mine shafts.
  • creating pathways.
  • installing electricity to all buildings and making the site safe for visitors.
  • development of s thematic history and exhibition
  • installation of artwork, audio-visual display and soundscape.

Restored Wilfey Table-


Edward Higginbotham & Associates played a significant role in restoring several elements of the battery shed. Read more of their involvement here

Gold Discovery

The Lucknow goldfield was discovered in 1851. The Wentworth Main Mine is located on the eastern side of Lucknow village. Visit this historic minng site, take a walking tour around the site and see the relics of past mining heritage and continue with tour of Lucknow historic village.