Mining in Lucknow

There have been four peaks in the production of gold at Lucknow, the first being 1862-1867, 1873-1889, 1892-1899 and then in the late 1920s with … Read more

The Wentworth Gold Field

William Charles (WC) Wentworth was given a substantial land grant on the Nepean River. He was one of the group of explorers who first crossed … Read more

Photo of

Henry William Newman

Henry William Newman was born in Nantes, France on 27 November 1839. Henry Newman’s grandfather was the British Consul in France and his father Robert … Read more

View of the main street of Lucknow in 1863 Image courtesy State Library of New South Wales

Lucknow, 1861 to 1878

“Lucknow is a mining township, consisting of in all some one thousand and thirty-three acres, only a very small portion of which so far has … Read more