Mining in Lucknow

There have been four peaks in the production of gold at Lucknow, the first being 1862-1867, 1873-1889, 1892-1899 and then in the late 1920s with … Read more

The Wentworth Gold Field

William Charles (WC) Wentworth was given a substantial land grant on the Nepean River. He was one of the group of explorers who first crossed … Read more

Hodkinson Foundry Newtown

The Gold Process

The off-beat clamour of the battery went on for the full twenty four hours of each day during crushing. The two five-head stampers in the … Read more


Blacksmiths’ Shop

Anything made of steel was created by the blacksmith, also known as the ‘smithy’. Blacksmithing and blacksmiths were a fundamental component in gold mining and … Read more

Uncertain times, 1900 to 1935

The year 1899, saw the Department of Mines report that payable ore had become difficult to find. As companies came and went, Frank Gardner continued to have … Read more

photo of striking miners, Lucknow 1897

The Lucknow Strike

The strike was against the reduction in wages, the new system of grading pays and to protect the miners against ‘the perpetual search warrant’. There … Read more